LifeAid works for a better future. Founded on 07 01 2013, LifeAids works fans from general humanitarian aid to helping people in need, the deeply poor gipsies , drug addicts and the sick. Also concerning handicapped people and works on a number of humanitarian and development issues. For example people who found themselves in need, inhabitants of a disaster-struck area, family support, and the Adopt me! program, moreover.advancing minorities social equality. An important program for example the medical project whete doctors, dentists, nurses for the USA tend to the gipsy minority of the Suocharpatian area where people rarely of hardly ever have the opportunity to see a doctor. In instances like this,LifeAid helps to get medicine and supplies to those in need, with children being the primary targets of the aid. LifeAid works in clore partnershit with the hungarian BaptistAid, other humanitarian groups, churches and authorities. Our prime target is to do our work "with faith and profession" and for this purpose LifeAid has set up professional groups of empolyees in both Hungary and Ukraine (Subcarpathia). The goal of our organization is to help the pople of Ukraine and Subcarpathia no matter their faith, skin color or nationality, to aid them financially and spiritually both occasionally and regurarly
Our programs
Child food support
Hungaro-american medical mission
Disaster damage removal 
Christmas "shoebox" promotion 
Universal aid
AdoptMe! Program
Every 300HUF means a bowl of warm food for those in need